From knowledge, truth, from truth, understanding

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

– Stephen R Covey

On this blog site I generally post pieces that reflect my values and beliefs. Should readers be interested I also have another blog site on which I post pieces more concerned with my personal experiences in life:


Posts – links by topic

Aboriginal Australians

Central Australia’s Caterpillar Dreaming: Gleaning an insight into Indigenous ritual and ceremony

Central Australian Dreaming Sparks a Glimmer of Hope at a Time of Global Crisis

Ancient cultures and traditions

Ancient Origins of the Zodiac

Awakening our Spiritual Power: A Cosmic Seeing Eye Glass

Denisovan Origins of the Zodiac?

Footprint of Comet Encke?

The Great Pyramid of Egypt: A “Time Machine” Resurrecting Past Consciousness?

The Lion Man and the Age of Leo

Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ Tower of Wisdom

The Memory of Water

Seeing the NAZCA through new eyes

Uncovering the Truth Behind Matriarchal Societies in the Ancient World


Animal Insights into Risky Play

Are Animals Spiritual?

Cats in our community

Ethical and legal aspects of sterilizing pregnant companion animals

Of Great Apes and Lessons for Humanity

Earth and environment

Our Climate Crisis and Humanity’s Extinction: Just a Question of Time?

Plugged into the Planet – Timeless understanding in a time of global need

Pumice Raft or Life Raft?

We are NOT Alone: Thoughts on Comets and Meteorites – Where Life Began?

A Note on “We are NOT Alone: Thoughts on Comets and Meteorites – Where Life Began?”


On being a househusband


Mediums in Popular Culture & Science: A Personal Encounter

On Clairvoyance and Other “Gifts”

Reincarnation – Fact or Fiction

Thinking Telepathy



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